Artist Biography


Harriet McKay is in her final year of a Bachelor of Contemporary Art at the University of South Australia in Adelaide, Australia. McKay works with  manufactured materials to create playful and imaginative objects. Born in Brisbane, Australia, McKay’s interest in the beauty of objects and materials  developed at an early age through watching her mother collect mundane and extraordinary found objects from around the world and outside of her doorstep for their form and colour -  rearranging and reordering them until they structured the spaces within her home. Since then, McKay has painted murals across the world, including several in her home town Adelaide, Brighton, UK, Tennessee, USA and in Rota, Spain as a part of a residency she finished at the beginning of 2018 at Pinea Linea De Costa. 

Artist Statement

McKay’s work revolves around the idea that both ecology and landscape are fluid concepts - imagined spaces that are mouldable and adaptable. McKay rejects the psychological distance to nature that was fostered by the Romanticists and embraces a more rounded view which incorporates plastics, machines and technologies into a new perception of landscape and ecology that is comfortable and inviting in order to foster a version of the natural world that is not separate from humans, but includes them and their innovations. McKay draws this idea out through her use of both manufactured materials, playful use of colour, and forms loosely taken from the natural world to create paintings, textile works, sculptures, and installation work.